Thursday, 19 May 2016

My first upcycle project - children's wardrobe

This is my first ever upcycle project. a children's wardrobe. It was bought in Wales and belonged to a family who no longer had room for ot. I love the handles, and it has lovely interior shelving.

I've done a tonne of research on how to go about turning this into a beautiful piece of quality furniture! The plan is:

1. Sand with 60 grit. Sand with 180 grit. Sand with 220 grit.

2. Clean with sugar soap

3. Paint with Zinsser BIN Primer

4. Sand 220 grit.

5. Wipe clean.

6. Paint with Zinsser BIN Primer

7. Paint outside with coloured coloured Benjamin Moore paint.

8. Paint outside again with Benjamin Moore paint.

9. Paint inside with white paint.

10. Wallpaper the back wall. 

11. Breathe a sigh of relief!

12. Photograph and sell - hopefully!

I actually did the first bit wrong. I did a light sand with 180 grit, thought it was sufficient. Then I painted it with a dulux primer, which didn't work. It scratched off with my fingernail so I had to spend three hours sanding the whole wardrobe to get the primer off and start again. That's why I've had to sand it three times, moving gradually from rough to smooth. It was probably a good thing in hindsight as it meant I was able to properly sand any deep scratches out. 

Watch this space to see how it turns out!

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